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1. Retouch, Restore and Custom Print Your Photos  - See Restoration Gallery



  • Remove creases, folds, tears, cuts and scratches
  • Correct discoloration, fading and color casts
  • Eradicate mold, stains and water damage
  • Eliminate distracting or unwanted elements
  • Enhance facial features and remove blemishes
  • Adjust contrast and sharpness
  • Modify architectural details
  • Recreate missing objects
  • Restore documents and autographs
  • Renew wedding photos 
  • Improve composition 
  • Change or simplify backgrounds
  • Custom large prints up to 17" x 22"

2.  Design Composites, Photo/Journal Pages - See Samples

What would you like to tell your children and their children about the people, the history and the events which shaped their lives?  We combine your photos and stories with our ingenuity and skill.  The result is a treasury of memories to enjoy for generations.

When someone looks through your photo/journal pages they will easily see what you hold dear and what feelings you want to convey to future generations.  We give you all the help you need restoring your photos and writing your story. 

What are your life’s treasured moments?  We will create a custom layout, composite or  computer desktop wallpaper from your photos and stories to commemorate the events. The finished pages can even be published as a book. 

  • Wedding
  • New Baby
  • Vacation
  • Precious Pet
  • School Memories
  • Family History
  • Celebrations
  • Career Milestones
  • Military Service
  • Memorial Services and Funerals    
Moldy, Spotted and Discolored Snapshot
Photoshop artist, Elyn Zerfas presents her Fine Art Photography

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We Enhance Your Photos and Make Them a Work of Art
Digital photo restoration encompasses so much, it is hard to describe all that is possible. The photo restoration services listed below are just the beginning of what we can do. Contact us with your specific needs, and we’ll let you know how we can address them. Although we are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can contact us from anywhere in the world. We consider photo restoration an art form, in addition to technical excellence in the use of Photoshop.  
Restoration techniques used to blend three photos into a single composite photograph.
Yellowed, Torn and Creased Photo
Faded and Discolored Family Portrait with Corners Missing
Badly Faded, Stained and Torn Image
Blended Composite
Complex Background Simplified
Torn Image was Stuck to Glass
Ink Stained, Old Document with Tape and Fold Marks
Ripped, Punctured and Faded Portrait
Composite image created using two photos.
Removal of unwanted background from photo.
Torn image before restoration
Repaired image after photo restoration
Faded, stained and torn image.
Results of photo restoration for a faded, stained and torn image.
Badly torn image before restoration.
Badly torn image after photo retouching.
Yellowed, torn photo before restoration
Yellowed, torn photo after restoration.
Ink stained document before restoration.
Ink stained document after restoration.
Composite of Two Photos
Photo Restored
Photo Restored
Turning a Frown Into a Smile
Faded, discolored portrait before being restored.
Faded, discolored portrait afer being restored.
Copyright 2009 by Artful Restoration, a Florida company offering digital photo restoration.  All rights reserved.
3. Fine Art Photography and Custom Printing - Visit The Gallery of Award Winning Photography by Florida Artist, Elyn Zerfas. 
One of our services is printing your digital photos.
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