Fine Art Photography by Elyn Zerfas

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We Enhance Your Photos and Make Them a Work of Art
Copyright 2009 by Artful Restoration, a Florida company offering digital photo restoration.  All rights reserved.
More Photo Restoration
by Fort Lauderdale artist, Elyn Zerfas 
       Old, Cracked and Stained Photo Completely Restored
Removed People and Unwanted Elements
Restored Photo
Restored Photo
Repaired Photo and Recontstructed Missing Details
 Move Your Mouse Pointer On and Off Each Photo to See the Restoration 
Old Passport Photos Become Portraits
Restored Passport Portrait
Restoration of Passport Photo
Restoration of severely damaged photo.
Restoration of Severely Damaged, Creased Photo
Replaced Cluttered Background and Created a Studio Portrait
Studio Portrait
A Red Tinted Snaphot Becomes a Close-Up Studio Portrait
Autographed Portrait
Autographed Portrait of Famous Boxer Restored
to Original Condition
Torn and Taped Certificate Was Repaired
Famous Personalities
Photo of George Bush - Background Distractions Eliminated
Missing Information Replaced, Color Corrected and Scratches Removed
Background Replaced, Left Arm Moved Out From Behind and Grain Removed